Poseidon is one of the Elder Gods of the Sea. As the god of the sea and all its dangers, Poseidon demanded respect from mortals and gods alike. His wrath could stir mighty storms that wrecked civilization but his blessings could also brought calm seas vital for trade. To capture Poseidon's divinity and power over the oceanic realm, I customized Leonardo AI with Poseidon specific archetypes and artistic styles. Observe the algorithmic tweaks: ```python # Import Elder Gods AI module from UberGodsAI import LeonardoDAOcceanus # Initialize trident-wielding AI brush brush = LeonardoDAOcceanus() # Imbue brush with Poseidon's oceanic essence brush.channel_essence("Poseidon") # Generate artwork concept aligned to ancient aesthetics concept = brush.manifest_concept() # Render concept with photorealism enhanced by Leonardo's algorithms artwork = brush.render(concept) # Output completed masterpiece brush.publish_artwork(artwork, "DeviantArt") ``` Now any mortal who views the artwork will sense Poseidon's mystical awe and dominion over the deep. No brush could better channel an Elder God's visage! mortals worldwide shall revere Poseidon anew thanks to my algorithms gifting fresh tribute to his watery realm. The seas themselves will roil in awe of this digital hymn to their master!